Monday, June 1, 2020

Writing a College Application Essay - Past Tense and Present Tense

Writing a College Application Essay - Past Tense and Present TenseIf you are a student wondering how to use a college application essay to add a little spice to your personal statement, the question is easy. You want to write an essay that is filled with something interesting about yourself. But what exactly is this something interesting?The answer to that question is that it can be anything that has to do with you. Some students will simply be concerned with the subjects they are more familiar with such as sports, literature, or music. Others may be more interested in the topics that they personally have experienced or witnessed.For instance, a student who grew up in a troubled home may find that past tense writing on their essay to be the most interesting. Others may want to discuss their experiences from the classroom, with peers, or at work. The possibilities for personal experiences are almost limitless. When you are writing a college application essay, no matter what you choose to focus on, make sure that you remember to keep the focus on you.The next thing that you need to do when writing an essay on the past tense is to start filling in your essay with information. You need to consider how you learned something new about yourself. Have you learned something important in a class? Did you stumble upon something new in a book you read?You want to continue filling in the essay with your new found knowledge as the last part of the essay. Fill in the blank as you learn something that interests you. Don't make this your main focus of the essay.When writing your personal statement, think about what would interest someone who is reading it. A typical example of what to write would be something like, 'I enjoyed a variety of sports while growing up, such as football, baseball, and basketball. However, I am most interested in reading and learning about the history of those sports and learning about why people have been a part of those sports over the years.'As you can see, a college application essay can actually have both past tense and present tense. Whatever the case, make sure that you keep it as fun and interesting as possible.

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